Multi Modal Logistics

Seamlessly manage multi modal operations in one platform

No need to hassle between multiple tools to manage different kinds of transportation. Have a bird eye view over all modes of logistics movement at a single go.

Overall Control

Operational control over transport chain and integration of new transportation and practices with no loss of visibility is the aim of 90MIS.

Information Processing

Basic enabler for information sharing and integrating transportation in Supply Chain Management.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT of 90MIS functions like the nervous system of a multimodal transport chain and brings multiple benefits to organisations by providing real time visibility, efficient data exchange, and better flexibility to react to unexpected changes during shipment.

Real Time Visibility

The levels of visibility that 90MIS provides is establishing direct communication link between customer's customer and the runner.

Planning and Scheduling

90MIS proposes a new real-time-oriented control approach for freight transportation networks, which integrates multimodal transportation and multiple trans shipments, to expand load consolidation, reduce empty vehicle trips, and handle dynamic disturbances.

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