Last Mile

Smartly sort the deliveries and get updated with the changes in the SLAs in real time

To address the increasing cost levels, service requirements and supply chain complexity, we provide you business platform in the form of an integrated operations design, and enhanced management of the network partners.

Input Orders and Tasks into a Centralized System

Experience a centralized order management system of 90MIS that can capture and fulfill orders across channels and act as a single version of the truth.

Optimize Task Assignment based on Routes

For a large company that does thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of deliveries per month, having tasks assigned based on routes automaticaly is the only scalable option which is the core of the 90MIS solution.

Sorting of Parcels

Our intelligent sorting module auto assigns freight order to most relevant nearest fulfillement branch/hub/runners consecutively upto last mile delivery.

Customer Last Mile Visibility

The levels of visibility that 90MIS provides, is establishing direct communication link between customer's customer and the runner.

Customized Delivery

90MIS through its runners app is robust enough to accommodate all Last Mile delivery types.

Data Analytics

Using information to understand and exceed customer expectations is the competitive advantage 90MIS passes on to you.

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