Volume | Velocity | Variety

Trends . Contrast . Outliers

Customizable purpose driven report generation using BIG DATA technologies characterized by ā€œ3Vā€™sā€-volume, velocity & variety of humongous amount of data generated whilst execution of a transportation order.

The hugeness of the flows handled every day with all the shipments, their weights, sizes, contact details or returns is generating an incredible amount of data that has to be managed. Is it conducted the right way? Is all the potential of these analytics still untapped? Very likely! This is why a solution like 90MIS business intelligence software can help you in that game-changing trend to comprehend these large-scale data and turn them into a profitable competitive advantage.

It's not just the data- it's what the data means.

  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Gaining information from unstructured customer data generates useful insights on contract placement, pricing strategies, optimization strategies, layout optimization, operational risk management, and improved contract/service delivery

  • Better targeting and segmentation

  • More effective marketing campaigns

  • Shortened order-to-delivery cycle times