Multi-Carrier Management

by 90MIS

Posted on August 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM

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Logistics is a very vast area for a company to manage. Finding the best options for a business can get difficult and managing multiple carriers can be a real headache. With the fast-growing online industry aiming to offer the best delivery options to their customers, it has now become crucial to be in business with multiple carriers. 

Multi-Carrier Management Solutions can help significantly in achieving better customer service while maintaining economies of shipping and easing the efforts of handling multiple carrier systems.  

Integrating with a traditional Multi-Carrier System allows a company to -

  • Manage multiple carriers on a single platform
  • Switch between carriers when needed
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase serviceability 
  • Reduce cart abandonment

However the bar of customer’s experience has risen to a significant high and the traditional multi-carrier systems need to be updated to cater such expectations, for companies to stay in the business. 

Invoice On PC

The need of businesses is now a 4th generation multi-carrier management system that helps manage freight contracts with multiple carriers, place orders to multiple carriers at the same time, update on costs and SLAs, track all shipments seamlessly irrespective of carrier partner and also handle returns.  This simplifies the overall process of managing operations and also provides customer satisfaction by offering various delivery options, like dynamic change of delivery address, cash on delivery, custom pick-up and deliveries.

The new 4th generation Multi-Carrier systems should provide -

  • All carrier agreements, orders, real-time trace and freight invoices in unvaried format
  • Region and zone wise distribution of carrier services
  • Detailed analytics of carrier performances
  • Integration with order management
  • Intelligent search and onboarding for new carrier connectivity

Integrating with a 4th generation Multi-Carrier solution will increase the quality of customer service without adding extra costs and operational loads on the shippers.