Our Shipper Panel


Despite of all the technology available today combined with the imperative for banks & instituitions to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the sensitivity & objectivity of doucments/shipments requires these entities to transport paper checks, applications, loan documentation, etc. the old-fashioned way – via courier services.

But what these entities can still do is make their shipping system robust, time responsive, cost effective and traceble.



  • Shipment decisions

    Take informed decisions about shipments regarding costs, SLAs & other terms & conditions considering your typical conditions and criterions.

  • Accessibility

    Access and evaluate multiple carriers.

  • Automating transportation

    Completely automate your transportation processes.

  • Visibility

    Achieve perfect delivery rate for time critical document shipments by having real time visibity.

  • Single Window Management

    Manage all your shipments and carriers on a single window platform of 90 MIS.

  • Ensured Quality Shipment

    Analyse and conclude the best carriers who provide safe shipments of your documents, taking into account sensitivity of the parcel.

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