Air Cargo

Track and Streamline high volume shipments

Improve real time visibility into utilization and price integrity across the quote-to-cash cycle. Eliminate inefficiencies, shipment delays and costly errors resulting from paper and manual based processes.

More Efficient Business Processes

Achieve process efficiencies which is one of the top business challenges of air cargo with smart adaptive contracts on 90MIS. This includes optimizing capacity.

Price Integrity

Inaccurate and inconsistent pricing is one of the principal causes of revenue leakage across the industry. Leaverag visibility into market rates and operate via centralized control of sales operation with 90MIS.

Complete Information

Avoid difficulties of missing information such as cargo details at the time of booking by having predefined contracts having complete information prior to freight order booking.


End-to-end visibility across every stage – from quoting and booking to acceptance.

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